The grass is different from other plants. It can resume growth once water becomes available to it for days. If you need fresh herbs and wants grass to keep good surface for games or kids to play on it, then you have to provide necessary water to the herbs.

So what is the perfect time to supply water to grass?

When to Water Lawn?

Morning time is the perfect time for watering the lawn. The air is cooler in the morning than in the evening and everything seems fresh in the morning, so it works perfectly for the lawn. While in the midday water evaporates faster than in the morning. Watering in the night should be avoided as it can cause diseases to the lawn. It should be dry in the nightfall. It is recommended that the perfect time to water the lawn is in a.m.

Water Once a Week

Grass do not need a lot of water, or the water on daily basis. It has different characteristics; it is not the same as that of plants. Some lawns need water once a week, and some gardens need water once in a month. But it is better to water the lawn once in the week. It will give a better surface to the lawn. Supplying a lot of water can also lead to fungus and shallow root system

Moisten the Soil:

Whenever you water the lawn, do it properly. Water it deeply. It is better that water should reach 3 inches deep to land. So that water should reach to the roots of the grass. You have to test how long it will take water to arrive at the roots of the lawn. Check the soil after every 20 minutes during the first watering. After that, you will know how long to water for.

Hard Tough Soil

New houses have hard, tough ground. Homeowners also have nervousness about when to plant grass seed. For hard soil, owners need to water in stages. They have to soften the ground so that water works its way down. Water for at least 30 minutes for the hard soil.

The best system for watering the lawn is the built-in lawn sprinklers. According to experts, this is one of the most efficient systems and will pay for itself in the long run.

Rainfall Factor:

Different regions have different rainfall and summer weather conditions. The lawn needs more water in the drought, low humidity and high winds prevail.

Timer made it Easy

If you have a plan to watch the clock and will shut off the water supply on time, then it is not the perfect idea. You may sometimes get busy in your work or will sit down in front of TV or got busy in some other works and forget that the sprinklers are running on the lawn. In this case, the timer can do the perfect job. They turn off the water supply automatically after the designated time. It will make the lawn to get the proper water in appropriate time. With the help of the timer, you don’t need to worry about the supply is open or closed.

Plants and Grasses are different in characteristics, so watering a plant and lawn is different. Now you get an idea about when to water lawn. And will be able to water your lawn very well.

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