Five perfect home remedies for athlete’s foot you can consider permanently


There are many chances that your foot could get in trouble if you do take care of it regularly. The reason is simple you may have encountered many diseases in your life you never thought your foot would get any issue. It is no entirely true. Your skin is perhaps the most open area from below, and if you don’t take care of it, then you will end up affecting it in severe pain.


  • What is an athlete’s foot?

For many of you who don’t know that it is medically known as TINEA PEDIS usually, a common fungal infection of the skin appear on foot and spread from groin to palms and some other areas of your body.

  • What are the causes of it?

So you already know it is caused by TINEA PEDIS that likes to grow and will make it more severe for your foot to walk or run so before it’s too late here some causes of you should know such as,

  1. a) Going to warm place
  2. b) Wearing socks or shoes
  3. c) Sweating
  4. d) Peeling the skin
  5. e) Discoloration of toenails

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  • Who mostly develop the athlete’s foot?

According to a survey, men are more likely to develop athlete’s foot than women. The reason behind it remains the mystery, but in coming years it will be figured out soon.

  • How much is it dangerous for your overall health?

Like any other infection, it can spread from person to person with the contact of contaminated surfaces, so it is important that you treat your infected areas before it becomes unbearable to walk. The great thing about is that you can treat with very simple home remedies for athlete’s foot without taking any risks that will effect immediately.

Five home remedies you can choose apply now:

1) Use vinegar:

The acidic impression of the vinegar helps to kill this fungus and lower the pain from your skin. It will inhibit infection from spreading in the body. It also draws out the moisture from your feet and makes the healing process fast.

2) Use yogurt:

Yogurt contains some powerful bacterial effects of fighting the fungal infection such as athlete’s foot. The acidophilus in the yogurt you have to use this remedy two times in one day you have to continue the process until you see the difference.

3) Use tea tree oil:

Tea tree has antifungal and antiseptic properties that will certainly help destroy the infection right away. Use it with olive oil and rub the mixture on the affected area two times and continue it for nine weeks.

4) Use salt:

Using salt is one the best home remedies for athlete’s foot it can kill the fungus which causes the pain in the skin. First use warm water and add six teaspoons of salt and soak your feet for around 15 minutes. Repeat the process for 3 to 4 times in one day.

5) Use Garlic:

Many searches have found that garlic is an antibacterial agent and makes the healing process very easy. First, crush the garlic clove into pieces and add one drop of olive oil and ten apply on your foot.























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