Who makes the best Birchermüsli? Where do the Zürich dance to live music? Between the old town and the neighborhoods of the city, there are innumerable inns, heated outdoor swimming pools with terrasse Zurich and bars with hundreds of whiskeys. The best tips for a winter spa break.

Where does the day begin in Zurich?

In the Confiserie Sprüngli. The mother of all Zurich cafes is cult and popular with tourists and locals alike. Why? Because of the homemade breakfast with crispy bread, Birchermüsli, oven-fresh croissants and honey from the Zurich Oberland. The Breakfastschmaus is, however, cheaper in the Café Zähringer, which is managed by the workforce in the collective itself and focuses on regional products in organic quality.

The most beautiful view of Zurich

The most beautiful view of Zurich have students from the Polyterrasse of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Tourists rarely get lost here, but the way is a little experience: with the Polybahn, which is also called Polybähnli or Student Express, you go up to the University Quarters. The railway was inaugurated in 1889, lays 176 meters behind it and crosses a height difference of 41 meters.

Where does a beautiful city walk lead?

In the former workplace and industrial area Zurich-West – the contrast to the idyllic old town could not be bigger! In the past few years, bars, clubs, cinemas and designer shops have been established in the last few years. The shipbuilding hall, a second stage of the renowned Zurich theater, offers a great program for cultural fans.

Which restaurant serves a special lunch?

Hiltl, Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. There are exotic dishes such as the Indian Kachori, the Sardinian pasta Fregola, but also classics such as Zürcher Geschnetzeltes or Spaghetti Bolognese – naturally vegetarian.

How do exhausted tourists recover from the city hardship?

Zurich has the world’s largest pool of swimming pools. In the seaside resort of Enge, it is sweating in the sauna in bad weather with a view of the city silhouette, the lake landscape and the alpine chain on the horizon. The Zürich thermal spa is also an experience. It is located in a former brewery, you swim between ancient stone vaults. Even better: the open-air bath! 30 degrees of water temperature and in the distance the mighty glacier peak Tödi can be seen.